Custom Blogging to Grow Your Business

Power your business with great content


Engage with your current customers and drive new ones to your website

You've probably heard it a million times – content is king. Well, it's true. Quality content matters (a lot!) throughout your entire marketing efforts. Whether that's on your business website, in your blog, in downloaded resources and documents, or even in emails.

The dwellTEK custom blogging service is truly an extension of your business. We work with you to fully understand your business, your brand, your products, services, and solutions, your target audience, and your key message. From there, our team will create high-quality content that will engage your prospects and customers.

We see custom blogging and content creation as much more than just trying to improve SEO rankings on Google. The content on your website and other marketing avenues should show your thought leadership on topics your audience cares about. It's also important that the blog content be authentic to your company brand and voice.

dwellTEK Custom Blogging packages


  • Blog Articles per month
  • Curated Photos


$400 /mo
  • Blog Articles per month1
  • Curated Photos


$700 /mo
  • Blog Articles per month2
  • Curated Photos


$1200 /mo
  • Blog Articles per month4
  • Curated Photos


What does dwellTEK need from me to get started?

Once you sign-up for the custom blogging service, we'll schedule a kickoff call with you so our team can learn more about your business and your goals. 

How long should my blogs be?

For Google’s search algorithm, the sweet spot for quality blog content is somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 words. If there isn't much there, how can it effectively answer the question your customer or prospect is searching for?

However, custom blog content is more than just ensuring top ranking. The content needs to be valuable and readable to a human being. After all, your target customer is a person, not a bot. 

The proper balance between quality, valuable content for your customers and prospects, along with being highly relevant for search is the key here.

What if I want more blog articles?

Great! You can start off with any of our packages and upgrade at any time. If you need more than 4 blog articles in the Pro package, additional articles cost $300 each. Contact us for a customized quote if you're looking for something even more robust.

What about a blog photo?

If you have a particular photo you would like to use for one of your blog articles, we can certainly use it just as long as you have the rights to the photo. Otherwise, we will provide the main photo for each of your blog articles.  

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