Digital Marketing Services for Small Business

Everything needed to promote and grow your business

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Everything needed to promote & grow your business

As a Small Business, your time is extremely valuable and needs to be focused on one thing... running your business!

While we do provide services for small businesses, we like to think of ourselves as more of a partner. We're your digital marketing department focused on helping your business succeed online.

Our Marketing Services are only available to Managed Website customers. For digital marketing to be successful, it needs to be integrated alongside your website.

dwellTEK Digital Marketing Services

Advanced SEO

Improve rankings for targeted keywords unique to your business and offerings, then drive new traffic and customers to your website and strengthen your brand.


Continuously feed your digital marketing engine with great content written to engage your audience. We'll handle everything from writing to posting for you.

Social Media

Need help making your social profiles shine? Or perhaps you're looking for ongoing content & updates across your channels? We've got you covered!

Digital Advertising

Leverage Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram Advertising opportunities to promote and grow your business, services and products.

Branding & Strategy

Go beyond just your logo and your name. Define the uniqueness of your business and your offerings; then connect it with your customer experiences.

Email Marketing

Yes, there is still a huge place for email marketing if it's done correctly. Promotional emails for launching a new product or a monthly newsletter to stay top of mind.

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